Central Park is one of the most popular destinations in NYC. It’s the largest park in the city and home to beautiful meadows, scenic bridges and attractions like: Bethesda Terrace, and Strawberry Fields or Central Park Zoo. Because of it size and beautiful landscape many couples choose Central Park for their engagement photo session. And here are my favorite Central Park engagement photo locations.

      Bethesda Terrace

      This most popular and iconic location is located at Mid-Park and 72nd Street. Within short walking distance from Bethesda Terrace you can access Loeb Boathouse, The Mall and Bow Bridge.

      Central Park Engagement Photo Locations
      Bethesda Terrace in Central Park
      Bethesda Terrace Engagement Photos

      Leading to Bethesda Terrace are two beautiful staircase with a three-dimensional stone rendering of animals and plant-life.

      Central Park most popular locations
      The Mall and Literary Walk

      This location is one of the most photographed and visited in Central Park. That walkway leads to Bethesda Terrace and runs through the middle of the park from 62nd to 72nd Street. Best time to take photos is early in the morning right after the Sunset.

      The Mall and Literary Walk Photos
      Bow Bridge

      Second oldest cast-iron bridge in America and one of the most well known bridges in Central Park. And defiantly most romantic setting in the park.

      Bow Bridge Enagement Photos
      The Ramble and The Towers of Central Park West

      One of my favorite Central Park engagement photo locations is part of Ramble with the view of Central Park West Towers. It’s just a short walk from Bow Bridge towards Ramble Stone Arch.

      Towers of Central Park
      The Umpire Rock

      Also know as a Rat Rock. Located on West Side at 63rd Street. This exposed ancient bedrock offers perfect view of midtown skyline.

      Central Park engagement photos from the Umpire Rock

      Right next to the Umpire Rock you can easily find Pinebank Arch with one of the five remaining original cast-iron bridges in Central Park.

      Pinebank Arch in Central Park
      The Rock next to Ladies Pavillion

      This secluded spot near 75th street is located next to Ladies Pavillion, which is very popular for intimate wedding ceremonies.

      Ladies Pavilion in Central Park
      The Rock next to Ladies Pavilion in Central Park
      The Conservatory Water

      This location offers more private setting in Central Park with beautiful views of Conservatory Waters and you can stop by to see Alice in Wonderland Sculpture.

      The Conservatory in Central Park
      Alice in Wonderland Sculpture in Central Park

      Central Park offers many beautiful locations perfect for engagement session. And most of them are located just steps away from popular attractions.

      Summer Enagement session in Central Park
      Central Park engagement session photos
      Central Park winter engagement photos
      North Woods in Central Park

      Those are my favorite photo locations in Central Park. If you would like to see more of my work please follow this link and if you are interest in Central Park engagement session please reach out here.