Capturing iconic images and meaningful moments without being intrusive requires more than a good camera.


+ Years to learn how to navigate all types of personalities
+ Years to know how to keep things on time and orderly
+ And many, many weddings before you can read body language to know when enough is "enough" with photos.

Finding someone with this kind of experience and a photography style you love can feel overwhelming...

but you are in luck.

You need an experienced leader (and a great timeline.) 

and with me, you get both!

an experienced leader

When I picked up a camera, all that changed. And I realized that photographing the meaningful moments of life was what I was meant to do.

When our first son was born, my husband and I bought a camera to capture pictures of his little life. Up until then, I had been dabbling in real estate, but deep down I knew it wasn't my passion.

That was over 11 years ago. And since then, I've learned that it's the little things that make all the difference in delivering beautiful photographs and a great overall experience. It’s about...

Not booking more than one wedding per weekend, so I can give you my all
Checking out a venue in advance of the big day
Making sure your bridesmaids remove the hair ties from their wrists
Tidying up the bridal suite before snapping pictures of the rose petal toss

It's about preparation and flexibility.






truly priceless

“Her passion for her work is evident. She is amazing at what she does - not just in being able to capture amazing and intimate moments but in her professionalism and wealth of experience - she was truly priceless in helping to organize the timeline of the day. On your wedding day you need a leader - and Monika was that for us.”


Truly priceless

A Great Timeline (And So Much More)

My guess: you want someone who responds promptly, delivers on what they say they’re going to do (when they say they're going to do it), and guides you *almost* every step of the way down the aisle.

And let me tell you, I agree!

Photographs were the one do-over I wish I had from my own wedding. You see, I had a friend take my photos. And though I'm still madly in love with the guy, and I loved our intimate celebration, the photos don't really reflect that. Why?

Because my husband and I had no clue what we were supposed to do. How we were supposed to pose. Or how much time we needed for different parts of the day.

Sound familiar? We, like you, needed our photographer to lead us.

And that's why I take the role of leading your photography team so seriously.

Perhaps it's also why I think it's so important that I guide you to create a family shot list. And I walk through a photography questionnaire with you. So I can help prepare a timeline focused around who's important to you, what details you don't want to miss, and the significant parts that I need to be present for.

And it's why l'm available to help with anything you may need: finding the best makeup artist, selecting the right outfit, or finding the perfect spot to take engagement pics.


Whatever you need, I want you to know that I'm here for you.


The morning of your wedding will likely be a little crazy. (Even more so if it's pouring down rain.) And I totally understand that the unpredictability can and will stress you out!

That's why I try to have a sunny disposition and calming energy no matter what Mother Nature or anyone else might throw our way. 

You can count on the fact that I'll show up early to check out the venue and find spots where I can work my magic. I'll be there to give you a reassuring hug and a pep talk or two. I'll take a look at our timeline to find areas where we might need to be flexible. And I'll adapt to the surroundings to make the best of it all.

You can trust that, even if the weather shifts from cloudy to rainy or sunny to complete darkness, your pictures will come out great. Because I've been there, done that. I've taken lighting classes to capture beauti-ful images in any condition.

And... I work especially well under pressure. ;-)

soothing energy

“Moreover, Monika had the most amazing, soothing energy, and was able to make some of the most hectic moments seem like a breeze. Her attention to detail, coupled with her flexibility with our ever-evolving wedding events truly made her shine as a professional.”


Truly priceless

exceeding expectations

jakoś to będzie

When we speak, I hope you'll notice my positive energy, enthusiasm, professionalism, and laughter. (I've been told that last one is infectious.)

But you may also notice a slight accent you can't quite put your finger on.

Twenty years ago, I moved to the States from Poland. So, occasionally you'll hear me pause as I search for the per-fect word in English. Or you might find me slipping into Polish when I say a phrase I use all the time that translates into: "It'll be fine!" 

And you'll find that phrase makes so much sense. Because I consider myself a person that can fix pretty much any problem that comes my way. So, on your wedding day, just know that if something isn't fine, I'll do everything in my power to make it so.

After all, you're investing a lot into this day, and I want to exceed your expectations in every way.

Exceed My Expectations

exceeded all expectations

“From the beginning of the wedding planning process, we knew that we wanted to have a great photographer for our engagement and wedding photos, and Monika exceeded all expectations in every way possible. There will be so much stress leading up to the day, dealing with the caterer, seating charts, weather situations, delayed flights, last-minute changes, etc. But Monika was there for us the whole way and we are so grateful for that! She's an amazing photographer and the nicest person you'll ever work with for your wedding day.” 


In The End...

Love is for everyone. And so is my work.

Regardless of your age, race, gender, sexual orientation, country of origin, or religious preference, I am honored to photograph your love. And I truly want to celebrate with you.

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