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Think about it.

Your wedding will be over faster than you can say “I do.” Then suddenly you’ll be pulled in a million different directions, and you won’t possibly be able to take it all in. Which is why...

You've been endlessly searching for the right photographer.

But so far, something just hasn't clicked.

The wedding photos you’ve seen on Instagram are bright white or saturated in too much color. And they feature odd angles, trendy filters, and cheesy poses. They’re basically the opposite of refined. So naturally, you’re nervous!

In a picture-perfect world, you’d have a wedding album full of unforgettable memories to look back on one day. But based on what you’ve seen so far, your album will be filled with pictures you’d rather forget.

That’s all about to change.

tasteful & timeless


Your concern is one that hits so close to home.

You see, there is a dusty, old photo album that I’ve looked at hundreds of times. It's from my parents’ wedding more than 40 years ago. Every time I look at the images, I see a little piece of my history.

And when I lost my father, I realized how his memory would live on in those images. They became a perfect window into the past.

A window that I hope to give to you.

Having worked with over 300 happy couples, I've come to realize what couples, like you, truly want:

Candid photography that is tasteful and timeless.


A tasteful and timeless window of the past
to share with your future.

That is why, on your wedding day, I’ll stay as true to the colors of the day as possible. I’ll focus on the composition and the surroundings you've chosen. And I’ll pay attention to the little things that are part of the bigger picture: the hug on the dance floor, the high five to your best friend, the kiss at the altar...

All while allowing you to remain in the moment - making memories with your friends and family.

Because, like my parents' wedding album, I want to give you unforgettable moments that form the history of your life.

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beyond thrilled

"Part of the magic of our day was Monika's ability to capture forever cherished moments. The look on my husband's face of me coming down the aisle, my mom watching me dance with my dad, our friends cutting a rug on the dance floor, our families gathered together— all of the things that we didn't get to witness on the day, but were beyond thrilled to see.” 


the entire experience

If I had to guess, you're probably excited about having pictures from this time of your lives. But you're also a little nervous. Maybe you don't think you're photogenic. Or the idea of posing for photographs is intimidating.

Listen, I understand!

I've been a photographer for over 10 years and most of my couples during that time have worried about looking awkward. (To be clear, I take our own family photos and even we feel awkward!)

But you're in a safe place.

Here are just a few of the ways we'll work together to ensure this entire experience is a comfortable one:


I like to begin by getting to know you as a couple.

We'll have multiple phone calls, Zooms or FaceTime sessions. However many calls and emails it takes to establish a bond, learn about your unique qualities as a couple, and answer any questions you may have. And because I believe in near-instant communication, you can expect me to return any calls or emails within a couple of hours.


Photography will simply feel like a conversation.

By the time the wedding day arrives, we'll know each other so well, that the photography will simply feel like a conversation. Better yet, it will feel like I'm not even there. I'll simply guide you, help you find your flow, and assist with the little things like drying off the bouquet, carrying your veil, adjusting a bow. Whatever it takes to ensure you're comfortable, and we get the perfect shot.


Hand-edited memories and sneak peeks.

You shouldn't have to wait for days, weeks, or months! to see photographs from the best day of your life. That's why I'll take time to hand-edit your memories while at the same time to have sneak peeks in your inbox a mere 72-hours after your wedding.

In the end, you'll have beautiful memories of the entire experience, and photographs you'll want to return to time and time again.

And that is a beautiful thing!

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comforting presence

"Monika was also such a wonderful presence on our wedding day. I was so nervous and emotional and was honestly so happy that she was by my side all day. She was such a comforting presence - it didn’t feel like she was just there to take pictures, she was there supporting and guiding me! My family and our wedding party loved her and was so impressed."


The Happiest Moments of Your Life

Do you ever look at a picture and think, "LOVE at first sight!"?

That happens to me on a regular basis. And those are the pictures I always aim to give you: Photographs of the happiest moments of your life.

Click below to see more happy memories from some of my recent shoots.

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photos speak for themselves

“There are not enough words to express my love for Monika and her work. She has a perfect professional and loving disposition and we feel incredibly fortunate to have had her guiding us on our wedding day. Monika’s photos speak for themselves"

-Caroline & Blake