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A legacy I'm excited to give back to you in the form of photography.

You may not realize it just yet but the formal portraits, the candid moments, and everything little thing in between makes up your legacy.

“Monika’s greatest gift is her true talent in her photography – she is able to capture real emotion and the essence of people in a way that comes across as effortless. The photographs from our wedding (and engagement shoot) are sincere, genuine shots that are photojournalistic in style, beautifully composed, and thoughtfully edited.

Monika is an artist, gifted in her craft and supremely attuned to how best capture people as they actually are. On top of her fantastic personality and product, she is always prompt in her responses to inquiries, delivering products on time, sends sneak peeks nearly-instantly, and is professional no matter what. What she was able to capture in her shots will allow us to relive our wedding and every emotion, little moment, or laugh we had that day, and we are forever grateful to her for this gift. I would recommend her to every single person I possibly could that is planning a wedding.