NYC Elopement

      NYC elopement photography was at its finest this past April at the New York City Clerk’s Office.  I must begin by saying that, although I LOVE photographing every type of wedding, NYC elopement photography is truly special to me. There is something precious about witnessing a private and, possibly even, a secret moment.  Such a small ceremony is very intimate and unique sometimes only the bride, her groom, and witnesses are present; others choose to be surrounded by only their closest friends and family members.  With either choice, they don’t experience the same stress as a big wedding day. For a short period of time, the bride and groom seem to forget that anyone else in the world exists; this was certainly true for Gabrielle and Simon! This allows me to capture many more precious moments such as those private jokes followed by love-filled smiles, a single tear adding beauty to the already gorgeous bride, and the groom gently pushing a tendril of hair from his lovely bride’s face before the first kiss. Yes, elopements are magical.

      New York City Landmarks

      Gabrielle and Simon have a special connection to New York City; it is where they met.  They chose to elope here because of all the wonderful memories they have made in this “city that never sleeps.”  NYC elopement photography only adds to their storehouse of memories. New York City is such a special place for many engaged couples.  In fact, people are coming from all around the world to get married here. I have had the privilege of photographing numerous weddings. I am happy to recommend venues and locations where I have already photographed and others where I would be thrilled to photograph! A smattering of the venues and locations I think of off the top of my head are as diverse in theme as they are in price point. For example, Grand Central Station,  Rockefeller Center’s Top of the Rock, The Metropolitan Museum, Central Park, The Brooklyn Bridge or the rooftop of one of many New York City Hotels. Those are only a truly small handful of all the possibilities for weddings. NYC elopement photography opportunities are endless!

      NYC City Hall Ceremony

      Gabrielle and Simon’s wedding day in NYC was no different.  I met Gabrielle at Standard Hotel as she was getting ready. There are many options for first-look spots, but we chose to meet the groom at The High Line, an elevated park, greenway, and rail trail.  It was built on the west side of Manhattan in New York City on a former New York Central Railroad spur.  The weather was being difficult, but we were able to capture all the outdoor photos before it really started to pour.  After taking first look photos, we took a taxi cab to the City Clerk’s Office. We met Gabrielle’s parents and kids there for the ceremony.  It was a simple, yet very sweet, ceremony. Whatever size wedding fits you and your beloved’s wedding plans, New York City provides the answer. You will treasure your truly unique wedding photos that capture your special day!  When you are ready for breathtaking NYC elopement photography, contact me at Monika Eisenbart. With so many photo opportunities, the saying stands true, “Anything Can Happen in a New York Minute!”

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