Memories live on in images

      There is a dusty old photo album that I’ve looked at hundreds of times. It is from my parents’ wedding more than 40 years ago. It shows me a little piece of my history every time I look at those images. When I lost my father, I realized his memory lives on in those images for me. It’s like this perfect window into the past that I want to give each and every one of my wedding clients.

      10 years ago...

      … when my children were born I picked up my camera and discovered my love of photography. I wanted to capture our everyday moments. Then people were so kind and encouraging about my images that I wanted more. I began photographing weddings and instantly something clicked. The camera felt natural in my hands and weddings felt like a dream job. 7 years later, it still feels that way.

      Kailyn + Steven

      What is most incredible about Monika is her personality. She knows how to laugh and have a good time with you -- she promptly answers any questions/emails and she is ready to help out with anything you need. We felt Monika really took the time to understand us as a couple and make sure we were comfortable - and as a result Monika took the most incredible images that truly captured the emotions of the day